www.Webroot.com/safe - Download or Install Webroot with keycode

Webroot is a firm dealing in top-quality antivirus protective suites and toolkits. The products released by Webroot excel in detecting and eliminating files that can be a threat to the device. Webroot includes a vast range of software products suitable for a wide variety of consumers. To check out the Webroot products, click on the given link webroot.com/safe.


This article will lead you through the downloading, activating, and installing procedures for Webroot Products.


How to Download the Webroot Product on Windows Operating System?


Read and follow the instructions if you want to download a Webroot product after online purchase of the product.


●      Begin the process by entering into a web browser to which you are familiar.

●      On the homepage of your default search engine, type or paste webroot.com/safe.

●      Upon entering the official website, you will notice two options on the top palette of the interface, namely, "For Home" and "For Business."

●      You have to click on the options to reveal the products available in each range. Keep in mind that "For Home" consists of products that can be used for domestic purposes and do not contain high-end features but can protect your device very efficiently. On the other hand, products available in the "For Business" category contain features required from a business-oriented viewpoint, such as endpoint encryption.

●      After you have finalized a product, then click on the product you want to pay for.

●      You will be sent to an interface where you will see a panel, where you need to choose the number of devices you wish to protect using the subscription, and on the right side, you have to select the number of years for which the product needs to be valid. Keep in mind that, at maximum, you can protect three devices, and the extension of validity for a product can be for three years.

●      As you change the variables for your product, you will see the princess changing according to it in real-time.

●      After you are over with finalizing the detail, then click on the "Add to Cart" option to proceed.

●      You will see a payment gateway; on the left side of the interface, you can find the product you are paying for and the additional perks and benefits that come along with it. On the right side, you will observe the title "Billing address," where you must give your personal details. Below "Billing details," there are the "Payment Options" where you must provide the payment details so that you can pay for the subscription.

●      After the payment is successful, it redirects you to an interface, and the downloading of the Webroot setup file begins. Also, you will soon receive a mail from Webroot that will contain the 20 character product key code. You will need the key code at the time of activation of the product.


How to Activate the Webroot product on the Windows operating system?


Follow the steps given below to undergo the activation of the Webroot product on your Windows Operating System.


●      You have to locate the downloaded setup file on your system. For this, you need to enter the "My Computer" and then open the "Downloads" folder. You can locate the Webroot setup file in the folder.

●      You must select the file and press the "Enter" button on the keyboard to launch the setup file.

●      When the interface opens on the screen, you will find an empty field with the title "Please enter your key code." You have to enter the 20 character alphanumeric product key code that you received in the mail from the Webroot after the payment of the subscription. Keep in mind that the product key code must be entered without any error to avoid installation errors.

●      Once you have entered the key code in the given field, press "Agree and Install" to activate and initiate the installation procedure. At this point, you can personalize the Webroot application according to your needs, such as you can add a shortcut file on the desktop for convenience, you can change the language of the application wizard, or you can set CAPTCHA security for post-installation visits into the Webroot application.


How to Install the Webroot product on Windows operating system?


Follow the steps to install the Webroot application on your Windows operating system.


●      Post pressing the "Agree and Install," you will receive a pop-up dialogue box; you have to click "Yes" to proceed.

●      You will enter the interface again; there, you have to provide your email id in the empty field present under the "Register Now" title. Then, tap the "Continue" button to move further.

●      In the next step, you will encounter the Webroot SecureAnywhere Solution Agreement; read the agreement carefully. If you agree to the text then, press "Agree and Continue."

●      This step will begin the first device scan by the Webroot application. Also, you can see the Webroot icon on the right side of the taskbar. The main Webroot interface will be on the screen once the scan is completed.

●      The malicious detected files are moved to the quarantine, where Webroot disables the file, and they are no more harmful to the computer system. Then it removes the files from the system permanently.

●      In case the system is totally clean, then you will get to see the message "You are protected." Finally, tap on the "Start using SecureAnywhere" button to start using the application.

How to Remove Webroot products from Windows operating system?


Follow the direction to Uninstall the Webroot product from your device.


●      Start the process by pressing the "Windows" button on the taskbar. You will see a drop-up list opening.

●      In the search tab, you have to write "Control Panel," click the top result to enter the control panel.

●      In the control panel, you must enter the "Programs and Features" option.

●      You will come across a list of installed programs on the device. From the list, select "Webroot SecureAnywhere."

●      After selecting the "Webroot SecureAnywhere" program from the list, drag the cursor to the "Uninstall/change" option located in the palette above the first item in the list.

●      After that, you will get a pop-up from the operating system, click on the "Yes."

●      In the next step, you will get a pop-up from Webroot asking for the confirmation to remove. Press "Yes" to move further.

●      You have to enter the security CAPTCHA in the given field and press "continue" to remove the application permanently from the device.